I nickname everyone.

There is a reason I call my husband Mr. Myiagi 2 or Chuang Tzu Jr... 

With age comes sadness and with sadness comes wisdom. 

Sun Tzu, Socrates, & Chuang Tzu all found their deepest wisdom and knowledge AFTER the dust of battle and war met the sands of time...

I collect Ed Quotes. 

Here's my latest. 

"I know about knee jerk reactions. 

I have expunged an ungodly amount of energy on knee jerk reactions. A total waste of vitality and spirit. It’s like punching smoke and at some point the smoke dissipates and you just move on. 

I was silenced the day my dad died. I didn’t fit the narrative and my memories didn’t work for key people so I was exiled from 'the circle.'

We are all fighters in one sense or another. 

I arrived at and eventually accepted the unfortunate conclusion that certain fights will never end. 

I have chosen the philosophy and road of Mr. Myiagi. 

The best way not to get into the fight is “no be there.” 

Some battles are centralized and the fight is in staying away from the fight. 

As far as my dad's organization and my dad’s legacy, it's simple; it ended the day my dad died. 

It's a different era now. 

My dad was a progressive. 

Anyone who stays 30 years in the past reliving a bygone era is orthodox and stuck in the mud. 

The real problem is people traditionalize and immortalize their solo angled perception of the past. 

Like two fleas fighting on the tail over ownership of the dog’s head; second and third person perspective will always lose the essence of 'the thing.’”

By Baer Parker

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