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My father Ed Parker Sr. was credited as the first person to open a commercial Martial Arts school in the United States. To commence his launch he thought to place an ad in the local newspaper which read, 'karate instructors needed, no experience necessary.'


His empire grew from a small handful of instructors to thousands in his lifetime.


Martial Arts in my dad's era was a new thing to American culture. 


The Paxtial Arts Peaceful Self Defense System in our era is also a new thing to World Culture. 


So to follow in my father's revolutionary footsteps we at the Paxtial Arts are announcing that enrollment is now open in our Ambassador Instructor Program. 


Just like my father did with Martial Arts in the beginning; we need to train our first crop of teachers in the Paxtial Arts. In contrast to my father's launch advertising to those with no experience; we are looking for Martial Artists to train as Ambassador Teachers.


The first graduating class of Paxtial Arts Ambassadors will become the qualified teachers who will be raising the future Tyros, Diplomats and Emissaries.


Martial Arts Instructors worldwide have largely been those influencing and teaching how to enforce and 'Keep Peace.'


Martial Artists then become the obvious best choice for training in the Ambassador Program for Instructors in the Paxtial Arts System. It is sensible that those who are Kinetic Masters of Motion would step forward as a wave of Peace Makers who can influence generations to come.


The Ambassador Instructor Program contains 144 lessons which will be released weekly for 3 years from the time you begin.

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Each participant who enrolls in the Ambassador Program begins as an 'Ambassador Initiate.' Once the program has been completed you will qualify for certification. Once certified you will be our first crop of Paxtial Arts Peace Ambassadors.

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In the past century there are many groups such as Boy and Girl Scout groups who have been teaching the moral compasses our youth follow so they can become the next strong leaders and cultural influencers. 


However since the 1970’s a stronger contender has emerged and that is the Martial Arts community who now dominates as the most prolific leaders teaching codes of ethics and morals to communities around their schools. 


The Paxtial Arts Ambassadors and other leaders are the next level of potential influencers and leaders who will be responsible for raising future generations in a new standard that our world desperately needs. The standard of Peace.



All action is proceeded by thought! 


Most Martial Artists have not trained in peaceful self defense techniques. They often immediately go into muscle memory and execute aggressive moves. We understand that paradox.


So it is our firm understanding that before we teach the body anything, we must first teach the MIND, followed by the SOUL and end with training the BODY. This formula has been tested on over 300 people and it works.


According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success; it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Therefore it is reasonable to expect that it would take at least 10,000 hours of practice to master Peace.


We are well aware that our Ambassador Initiate practitioners are accomplished Martial Arts Instructors. Most have already put in at least 10,000 hours. Because of this fact we know that they understand human physics and kinetic cause and effects more than most. 


Our practitioners will be training from an opposite mindset to the Martial Arts as well as making adjustments to movement and  kinetic realignments of tactile application in order to attain an alternative result of Peace. You will need to reprogram your Mind as well as your Body.


With that said, we believe it would require 1 to 3 years to Master the Paxtial Arts if training takes place on a regular basis.


To quote Milton Fisher, Author of the book 'Intuition;'


"It is obvious that you can make a better decision when you have all the facts. Every time a new fact is added to the scales it tips the balance to one side or the other. When you get enough facts eventually one side emerges as the clear choice. But when do you have all the facts? This is the question that bedevils all of us. 


Success favors the Chance-Taker. 


If you wait until every conceivable fact is in you may never make the decision, the opportunity may pass, or the decision may be made for you by someone else. Indeed weighing all the facts before making a decision is correct only in theory. In practice we always make decisions on fewer than all the facts because we can never get all the facts."


We invite you to be a chance taker and see if success favors you as you take your first steps with us on your own quest for peace. In short time you may discover whether or not you in fact have had missing pieces of peace in your own life. Becoming a Paxtial Arts Peace Maker may even actually improve the quality of your Martial Arts Peace Keeping standard.


We invite you to be a leader, not a follower. 


Paxtial Arts is the other side of the Martial Arts coin. You might as well bet on success favoring you by being a chance-taker. 


What was that Mick Jagger Rolling Stones song called? 


'Time Waits For No One.'


It's a good song. 


This is a limited time offer for those who enroll now.

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