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Baer's early years began in San Francisco's East Bay in the rolling hills of Pleasant Hill California. Baer an avid tree climber favored the large family mulberry tree where she created forts to read her favorite books while eating black plumbs and figs she picked from the fruit trees compassing her childhood home. 


Catching pollywogs, frogs and turtles in the neighborhood creek were favorite past times for Baer. These early activities evolved to more respectable jobs like recreational bait harvesting (picking earthworms for fisherman), car detailing, bookkeeping for resorts, restaurants, hotels and on to secretarial work for doctors and psychologist groups. 


Forward in the timeline with two young Baer cubs in tow Baer had an 8 year work run flipping and upgrading numerous large unit properties for several Property Management companies surrounding the University of Oregon in Eugene and suburbs of Portland. 


Along came the late 1980's when the American economy tanked affecting Eugene and Portland so Baer decided to jump the shark leaving the USA with her two Baer cubs to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in Taiwan, The Republic of China. 


For nearly five years Baer taught ESL and wrote educational curriculums for the Taiwan people and their Buxibans, Public Schools, Artisan businesses and privately tutored residents in their homes.


Baer's passion for writing was a natural outgrowth from her record keeping of her daily adventures and the Taiwanese Master Artisan's stories, ancient wisdom and poetry.  


Baer being somewhat shy herself and understanding the natural shyness of the Taiwanese people led her to create her own brand of 'note taking with a camera.' 


Always on a hunt for 'the story behind the story' and armed with respect for the dignity of her camera lens subjects her photo stills can better be described as photo journalism.

After years of attending Taiwan's public schools Baer's two young cubs couldn't remember their litter of Baers across the Pacific. They thought macaroni and cheese was gross and asked 'what's a pretzel?' It was then that she knew she had to begin making arrangements for her cubs to attend American schools. So in preparation for their return to the USA Baer homeschooled her cubs through 3rd grade using a home schooling curriculum favored by US diplomats called 'Calvert.' This while they continued their Chinese education in the Taiwan schools. 


In 1994 as Baer's time in Taiwan came to a close she acting as translator and business liaison with her long time ESL student Michael Mao, an Artisan and Ceramics Business owner from Yingge, planned a Cross Cultural Trade Show at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington.


Out of Michael Mao’s Cross Cultural Ceramics Art Show came a substantial donation of valuable ceramic pieces as well as teaching his Master Artisan trade skills to the participants at Columbia Basin College.


As a result of Baer's East-West cross cultural interaction a Sister City relationship was formed between Kennewick Washington and two of Baer’s cities of residence and employment in Taiwan; Yingge (New Taipei City) and Taoyuan.


Currently Baer teaches and writes 'Ed as a Second Language' to those Paxtial Arts questers who are on their own life journey to balance and peace on the other side of the Martial Arts coin.


Baer has a full name which is S M Baer Parker. 


Baer's first name is an OG name beginning with 'S.' Her full middle name begins with 'M.' Baer enjoys fishing for the 'huh?' Her favorite 'huh' fish are the deep sea fish who catch a deep principle on a Baer hook.


So that's an 'About Baer' as Baers don't like Bios. They like 'Abouts.' 


One extra About Baer is that some government alphabet agencies tried to recruit her when she lived in Maryland. This was due to Baer's Mandarin Chinese language abilities. They said no one would suspect she might be listening in to their conversations. They were right. She said not interested, I don't need more alphabet.


Baer is happily married to her childhood sweetheart Ed Parker. They are proud parents of 6 children and 9 grandchildren. They live in the American Swiss Alps in Eastern Oregon in the Elkhorn Mountain range town of Sumpter.


Ed's bonus About Baer is that Baer can order from the hidden menu at Chinese restaurants. This is a big win for Ed as Chinese food is his favorite.


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