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Ed & Baer Parker


Founders Notes


Thank you for stopping by our web page. Paxtial Arts Inc is a non-profit corporation run by my wife Baer and I. We are located in Eastern Oregon in the Elkhorn Mountain range in the city of Sumpter. Our nonprofit corporation is dedicated towards the development and teaching of a curriculum focused on the art and science of peace through non-combative self defense methods.


My background with Paxtial Arts is best described by explaining who my father Ed Parker Sr. was. My father was an icon in Martial Arts history. My entire life experience has been saturated by the Martial Arts world. My  viewpoint and perspective of the world of Martial Arts over the past six decades is unique to say the least as I am one of the first 'karate kids’ in the USA. 


At a young age I discovered that I have the mind, heart, and soul of an artist. By adulthood I became an educated and  proficient Martial Artist as well as an educated Professional Artist and Illustrator.

I had been working intimately in the documentation of my father’s life and vision for a decade when he passed away suddenly 29 years ago. My father referred to me as his right-hand man because I was at his side producing, publishing, directing, editing, developing and presenting his vision. So naturally, his vision was endelibly planted in my mind; so was his repeated statement that if his art of Kenpo was still the same 10 years after he was gone, then we haven’t done his art justice!

My father raised me to explore and challenge the limits; to always keep my mind open to new ideas and concepts. These are the very teachings that led me to a universal truth that there is an opposite in all things. An artist knows the importance of contrast between shadow and light. Given that I am an artist first and foremost, I asked myself the question, "what is the opposite of Martial Arts?" This is the very question which led me to a new horizon of possibilities. 

In the beginning Martial Arts material was taught to soldiers, then the material was adjusted for the masses. We dominantly taught it first, to male adults and then women followed. Hollywood discovered the Martial Arts and started a global phenomenon that eventually enveloped our youth. Martial Arts was promptly adjusted to accommodate for the youth in order to “soften” the fight in the art. The children flooded into the industry in the early 1970’s, and it dominates more than 70 percent of the Martial Arts industry today.

I asked my father years ago why he changed from the art he learned, Chinese Kenpo, to the art that he developed, American Kenpo. He said, "it was to adapt the self-defense material for today's environment.” So what has changed in the years since he made that statement? The laws of the land have changed. What you could do in the 1950’s and 1960’s, you could never get away with in today’s legal environment! 

After two decades of observation and experimenting with fact and theory; I am pleased to reveal that my greatest discovery is a whole new branch of study, which I have named the Paxtial Arts. I am convinced that the Paxtial Arts self-defense formula is the only physical answer to the bully epidemic sweeping the planet. 

Paxtial Arts is the contrast to Mixed Martial Arts in the same way that Yin is a contrast to Yang. The two parts complete a rounded whole-image of life, emphasizing that the universal law of opposites does exist, as is illustrated in the Yin Yang symbol. Pax is the Yin side, the peaceful half of the equation. Paxtial Arts offers a peaceful alternative to the more aggressive Yang side which is more commonly known in the world of Martial Arts.

It is a great time for change and evolution. 

What better place to start than to immerse yourself with the Paxtial Arts formula?

1964 Long Beach Auditorium (Long Beach, California)

Linda Lee, Bruce Lee, James Lee, Ed Parker Sr. and Ed Parker Jr.