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Welcome to the Paxtial Arts

Lesson Tutorial

Thank you, and welcome to the Paxtial Arts. Below are instructions on navigating our program and the required information and assignments.

Lesson Information

Geting Set Up

To be added to the 'Member Progression' tracking and 'Group Discussions', please email the following information.


  • Are you over 18? 

  • Your Name - If you are under 18 only your first name will be listed.

  • Your Nickname/Chat Name - The name you use in the chat discussions.

  • Your instructor - Who is the Paxtial Arts instructor you are training with.

  • Paxtial Arts Start Date - The date you first started training the Paxtial Arts program.


Navigating the 'Members Resources'

First, once you sign up, you will gain access to the 'Members Resources' library. This is where the program and all the materials are located.

  • Once you are in the'Members Resources' you can navigate to the program you are signed up for by clicking on the appropriate glyph.

  • You can navigate between the program's sections, courses, and lessons by clicking on the respective glyphs.

Navigating the Course Lessons

Second, once you are on the lesson page, you will find it broken up into 5 parts.

  • Lesson Information: In this part of the lesson you will get a brief overview of what is being taught.

  • Study Guide: In this part of the lesson you will have a bullet list of things to look for and pay close attention to during the lesson.

  • Video Lesson: In this part of the lesson you will have the video lesson where the information is presented.

  • Assignment: In this part of the lesson you will find a direct link to the related 'Group Discussion' for the lesson along with a prompt for you to contribute to that discussion. 

  • Next: In this part of the lesson you will find a direct link to the next lesson in the course.

Using the 'Group Discussion'

Third, once you are inside the 'Group Discussion' you will need to make a post and discuss what you got form the lesson.

  • Please keep your comments respectful and productive.

  • Feel free to respond to other people's comments, but make sure you do so in the spirit of the lesson and Paxtial Arts.

'Members Progression' Tracking

​Finally, once your chat in the 'Group Discussion' is reviewed by an Engineer, Physicist, or Architect you will receive credit for completing the class. You will be able to view your progress in the ‘Members Progression’ area.

Lesson Tutorial Video

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