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I retired from teaching the martial arts 6 years ago in order to further develop a self defense system that is the chiral opposite science to the martial arts.

My self defense system is NOT a replacement to the martial arts.

It is a companion to the martial arts.

My father had organizational charts found in his Infinite Insights Into Kenpo book series.

He had these pregnant notes just hanging there, an opening for discovery as he was a progressive thinker first and foremost.

This intrigued me and peaked my curiosity.

He encouraged me to follow that curiosity.

His written materials contained a lot about ‘opposites and reverses.’

So I asked him what those notes and that material was about.

In these notes, one category that stood out to me was called ’Other.’

Another set of notes was titled ‘Specialized, Moves and Methods.’

My father told me that these categories of his were for me to work and to find discoveries in because he didn’t have time to work it.

Following my father’s passing this material of his weighed heavy on my mind and led me on a life quest to answer my own questions about ‘Specialized Moves and Methods.’

My father’s Art of Kenpo teaches a base set of principles and movements as well as an advanced set of self defense options.

These movements cover up to the most extreme life and death circumstances.

As a lifetime observer of the martial arts in all it’s forms, even from my crib, I failed to see over my lifetime any material that covered circumstances where combat was not an option.

Some of the circumstances not covered:

- Children in the schoolyard.

- Law enforcement where lawyers or ‘bystanders-with-lawyers’ are holding cameras throughout the scuffle.

- Grandma with dementia and under a bad medicine moment.

The list is endless in today’s culture and I am sure you get the gist.

It all pared down to one question for me.

Is there an opposite to the martial arts?

This is my short definition of the martial arts:

The martial arts is the study of the science, philosophy, and art of kinetic COLLISION with an accompanying philosophy of a win/lose outcome.

I win/ you lose.

So after my father passed, I wondered:

Is there a scientific self defense art found within kinetic RE-DIRECTION that contains the philosophies and outcomes of a win/win solution?

I win/ you win.

I didn’t see it.

So I looked for it in every martial art form and every mat encounter.

After 30+ years of lab work on the mat in 14 countries, teaching over 500 seminars and thousands of classes, I actually found the opposite of MMA.

I nailed down the science behind the art of kinetic RE-DIRECTION in mathematical flow and anatomically timed movements.

These formulas we refer to as soul training.

I already had a deep understanding of the creative arts such as:

the visual (painting)

tactile (dance)

and auditory (music) arts

I was already a highly trained and schooled artist, well aware of the mechanics of human anatomy with it’s capacities and functions. This knowledge is required training in order to draw the human form as an artist.

This void in my martial arts training was a thorn in my side as I was always noticing what no one noticed on the mat.

While all my martial arts friends moved ON the beat, I moved to the OFF beat.

Could explain my reputation as ‘difficult.’

In the end that little difference worked out.

This is the very reason my dad called me out of my chosen career path in the early 1980’s while I worked as an artist and publisher in the Hawaii film industry.

He called me to work at his side a decade before he passed away. He needed my skill set and knowledge.

I ‘see’ from a completely different vantage point:

- movement

- form

- physical solutions

Think of this analogy:

Port and starboard are nautical terms for left and right sides of a ship.

Port is the left-hand side of the ship.

Starboard is the right-hand side of the ship.

Let’s just say that the science of self defense is a ship.

There are two sides to the ship.

Opposites, let’s say.

According to my point of view, it appears that ALL the students, masters, and scientists of martial arts are on the ’port side’ on the ship studying to the nth degree the science of collision within the philosophy of I win - you lose.

Never like to state the obvious.

Ok, I actually do like to state the obvious.

Um, that ship looks like it’s about to capsize.

And here I am on the starboard side of the ship.

It’s very empty here.

Hellooo guys!

You ought’a check this out over here!

We’ve got lots of room for skills, minds, and talent!

So here is my thing.

I am currently writing a college curriculum with my wife Baer on my self defense system that I named the Paxtial Arts.

Over the years each time I taught a class, people would ask for a manual.

This manual is going blow people’s socks off because it is the combined works of all of

my life experience, skills and knowledge. It is a HUGE project.

The quick version as this is getting long;

Mars the god of war = ‘Martial’

Pax the goddess of peace = ‘Paxtial’

The paxtial arts is a self defense system that contains the kinetic science, philosophy, and art of RE-DIRECTION. The paxtial artist studies and trains with the goal and intent of a win/win outcome.

Meaning; two or more individuals engage physically in an altercation and; I win/you win and no one getting injured IS the intended outcome.

So I am often told that of course a trained martial artist can produce that outcome, a win - win.

Because you say if you have the power to MAKE someone lose you say you can also have the power to GIVE someone a win.

My point is that in order to have muscle training toward an outcome you must PRACTICE that outcome to the nth degree so that your ‘muscles’ have that trained in to you.

INVEST the time and training in to peace.

I am writing the paxtial arts curriculum with my wife who has previously written curriculums still used in the public schools in Taiwan.

The Paxtial Arts is a 9 book curriculum. This curriculum contains my discoveries and will include artwork and illustrations from over 30+ years of flushing out kinetic combinations of re-direction.

This self defense formula has been taught over a number of years to children in several states. Altercations in schoolyards ensued and students of the paxtial arts applied their training and the outcome was no suspensions, no one hurt.

People say this is the anti-bully solution for schools but we prefer to avoid the trigger word ‘bully’ or ‘anti’ as it draws too much negative or controversial energy.

The Paxtial Arts curriculum is conducive to conditions of public school systems at all levels. We have successfully taught students from kindergarten age on up through senior citizens.

In the past decade we have certified in the paxtial arts system law enforcement officials, mental and health care industry workers, prison guards, school teachers and high school principals, veterans, martial artist masters and teachers just to name a few…

We have a few trainings scheduled for the spring and summer of 2020 as we write our curriculum during the winter months.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract this week for the production of a documentary film on the Paxtial Arts. We are moving forward…

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