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November 25, 2019

The Paxtial Arts is a form of peaceful self-defense that considers both the safety and wellbeing of the bully as well as the victim.

SUMPTER, OREGON, US, November 25, 2019 -- The ground-breaking Paxtial Arts is a form of peaceful self-defense that considers the safety and wellbeing of the bully as well as the victim. It is based on the idea that if at all possible, a child should never have to defend themselves by having to strike another child.

Ed Parker Jr., son of Ed Parker Sr., the Grandmaster of American Kenpo Karate, is seeking to raise support for his peaceful self-defense system3 and curriculum for youth and adults. The Paxtial Arts Peaceful Non-Combative Self Defense System and bully prevention program2 teaches how to deal with bullying before resorting to violence.

From his birth, Mr. Parker has been immersed in the martial arts world and has a wealth of knowledge in the arts having been exposed to a wide and international spectrum of self-defense. He has taught martial arts in 42 states and 14 countries over a 30 year period. From his father’s American Kenpo Karate system to Russian Systema, each system of martial arts that he learned has been valued for their influence and application in real-world situations from civilian self-defense to military combat and law enforcement.

These same go-to systems of self-defense that use violence to end violence, while practical in the world of urban combat and modern warfare, are not always so practical in our schools and playgrounds where last-resort methods can lead to dire consequences. It is for this reason that Ed Parker, Jr. believed that a buffer was needed, one that would allow an individual, adults, and children to have an opportunity to defend themselves while doing no intentional harm.

The Paxtial Arts was created to become a buffer between verbal confrontation and physical violence. It is the chiral opposite of traditional combat arts in the self-defense world that offers the balancing win/win equation when compared to the martial arts solution.

"According to the law of opposites, there has to be a kinetic science that produces an I win - you win outcome. The I win, you lose philosophy left me hungry for more. The more I saw and experienced in the martial arts world, the more I hungered to learn the Mr. Miyagi stuff. You know, we’ve all seen it in the movies. These lessons didn’t come to me, so I found them on my own. I found it in my own lab of study, on the mat with my father’s students and colleagues around the world. It was within the lab of my dad's students over a 30 year period and in countless seminars around the world that I taught and flushed out on the mat my own self-defense formula based in science, the mind, physical movement and an understanding of the human body,” says Ed Parker. Jr.

The Paxtial Arts curriculum is a culmination of knowledge, training, and understanding acquired from years of anatomical art study combined with a lifetime of his Martial Arts exposure and training. Mr. Parker has combined complex art patterns and formulas and merged them with the kinetic sciences, psychology and even mathematics, evident in nature, to create an easy to learn system.

Trained Paxtial Artists include military personnel, policemen, correctional officers, high school principals, martial arts instructors and many more looking to supplement their training and level of preparedness.

"I have experienced the Paxtial Arts material 1st hand and truly believe that it can become something to benefit our nation for generations to come,” says Terry McCord, Kenpo Instructor of 24 years.

According to Mr. Parker, "The Paxtial Arts are very easy to learn and integrate into your current Martial Arts curriculum. When someone sees it for the first time we hear, “wow, there is no way I can learn that!" Because the formula is so fluid, it appears effortless in its application and it appears to the observer as if the Paxtial Artist has been doing the formula for a long time. The reality is the system is very easy to learn, in fact, if you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you can become a skilled Paxtial Artist!"

Ed Parker Jr.’s wife, Baer Parker is an educator and editor who has written curriculums in Asia and America. Together they are writing an entire 9 book curriculum of the Paxtial Arts Non-Combative self-defense system using thousands of notes, photos, video footage, charts, diagrams, teaching tools, and other related material.

A campaign has been created on GoFundMe in order to provide the necessary funds to compile 30 years of material. Funds donated will be used to typeset, publish, and distribute the 9 book Paxtial Arts Self Defense curriculum.

Anyone wishing to sponsor or contribute as a noted and honorary founder in making this peaceful alternative to violence available on a global-scale can visit to learn more or go directly to



About The Paxtial Arts and Paxtial Arts, Inc.

Founded by Ed and Baer Parker, Paxtial Arts, Inc. is a non-profit corporation created to support the Paxtial Arts, a newly developed peaceful self-defense formula devoid of striking, kicking, weapons or combat of any kind. Paxtial Arts is not a style of Martial Arts, but rather it is a new category developed to provide a passive solution towards aggressive physical contact. Paxtial Arts is not intended to be practiced as a sport.

About Ed Parker, Jr.

Edmund Kealoha Parker, Jr. (professionally known as Ed Parker, Jr.) was born on November 15, 1959, in Glendale, California. Ed is the son of the late Ed Parker, Sr., Senior Grandmaster and founder of American Kenpo karate. Some consider Ed’s father to be one of the greatest martial artists who ever lived. Ed, Sr. was named by Black Belt Magazine as “the Father of American Karate.” He was noted for launching the careers of many martial arts motion picture stars such as Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris; and he was the personal karate instructor, bodyguard and friend to the late King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.


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