It's not WHAT you SEE. It's HOW you SEE.

Paxtial Arts continues to grow as we are approached by segments of society seeking improved physical response options which promote peaceful win/win outcomes.

We are looking closely at the positive results of applying the philosophy and training of the Paxtial Arts for many fields.

Some of those fields include:

Public & Private Schools Veterans Health Care Workers Peace Officers

The following are excerpts from a letter we received from a Martial Artist and Autism Caregiver:

"The revolutionary nature of the challenge presented by the Paxtial Arts mindset is that it dares us to put our energy and effort where it really should go.

Towards preserving the condition of Peace.

Because that is ironically the bitter pill we often try to avoid, but must learn to swallow.

Shielding ourselves from violence or aggression actually takes less work and effort than does exposing ourselves through a peaceful condition.

If it was otherwise, we'd already have our peaceful society.

Peace requires confidence and skill.

So the application and training of the Paxtial spirit to all aspects of life, from public to personal, carries with it an enormous philosophical and ultimately beneficial meaning.

My enthusiasm for Ed’s and your work to launch the Paxtial movement is out of respect for both the quality of the material and for your qualifications to disseminate and distribute it.

In the music business, we are always trying to write that hit song that touches the soul of our listener. The song that allows them to identify with and perhaps live vicariously through that song.

But for all of the craft we put into it; songwriters learn that we can never predict which song will accomplish that connection and we cannot predict the how or why of it. Because it is a very personal response from the listener.

We can set the table but the listener is the one who knows what they crave and what will satiate their hunger. Like any great work of art, Paxtial Arts evokes that personal response in unpredictable and individual ways.

It has in me and I am sure in your experience that it will in many many others.

So I am thankful to have learned about the Paxtial Arts and I am thankful for our very productive dialogue. It is inspiring to me on my own road that I am traveling.

I will keep sharing.” Patrick Bamburak

Ed Quote: There is plenty of resistance to talk of my creation of the Paxtial Arts. Those outside the Martial Arts world in areas of education, the medical industry, peacekeepers of all kinds, veterans, and families seeking a peaceable life are just a small list of those excited about this movement.

There are greater numbers of those interested in new and innovative ideas for self defense that is peaceful than there are those who are not interested.

Detractors of great and culture changing ideas have always been there and they always will be, but that never stops a great idea rooted in Universal Truths.

It was all there in my dad’s notes; discoveries that he did not have time to make. He told me before he died that his category named “other” was there in opposites and reverses.

My dad told me that this category was for me to work and find discoveries in.

Well, I did.”

Q & A with regards to:


Systema was an influence. Some of the guys in our video are Systema. In our video we give credit to the arts which were an influence on the Paxtial Arts System. I personally have only taken 6 Systema classes. I am friends with Vladimir and he gave his endorsement. The philosophy of Paxtial is 180 degrees different than any Martial Art.

There is more depth involved than most people realize, hence the 9 book series.


All of the Paxtial Arts trainings in the past 5 years have been taught at absolutely no cost to the participants. Our motivation for raising funds is that it costs money that we do not have to publish, print, and distribute the curriculum.

So here is our huge thank you to all who have offered their donations, support, and suggestions to us at Paxtial Arts Inc.

We hear you and we appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Ed & Baer Parker

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