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The goal of Paxtial Arts is to provide an alternative study of self-defense; based upon simple engineering principles and an understanding of human kinetics. In addition to the self-defense focus, we also provide a category of study, development, and practice of Peaceful options. We start with the physical options at Level One. We will progressively go deeper into the intellect in more advanced levels.

Results of the Training

Listen to the men and women that have taken the Immersion Program, and have learned the Paxtial Formula.

What do people who’ve actually trained with us in the Paxtial Arts think about it? These eye witnesses make strong cases, in their own words, about the power of learning the Paxtial formula and the many different alternative positive results they gained over the Martial way of conflict resolution. Listen to the following Martial Artists who’ve actually put it to the test.

Reprograming the Mindset

There is an overwhelming cultural view that aggression is power and strength; we hope to change that. Our goal is to move cultural awareness toward the mindset that a trained student of the Paxtial Arts can apply a peaceful kinetic response that is so powerful, it can actually physically quiet an aggressive person. It has been our experience that in many instances there is even a loss of the desire to fight at all in the aggressor.

We intend to teach our Paxtial formula of kinetics by using discovery learning, multiple representations, analogies and challenge based learning. These teaching methods have been proven to move far beyond rote memorization. We will challenge our students to deepen  their learning and understanding of physical motion by joining concepts together and applying them to real world situations. 

At Paxtial Arts we are offering a new solution out of the mindset of aggression as the only answer, we have discovered a formula  that combines the most effective way of reprograming the mind so the body can absorb the material ask quickly as possible.


Reprograming the way we see the Body

There is a technique that is used to teach an artist how to draw the human figure. The concept is, to visualize an imaginary line that starts from the top of a persons head, and extends down to the feet. This line is to represent the action, mood, drama, or gesture of the human form at any given movement. That line is a constant, but is always a variable on how the lines and curves are exposed. This line is the foundation from which to build the form for a figure drawing. Using this same method works perfectly for finding the lines and curves needed to collapse or re-direct your opponent.


Because the body is a three-dimensional object, made up of height, width, and depth. Curves can be found and manipulated by following these simple principles. When collapsing the physical structure, one must apply two out of three of these variables. Elongate the curves (depth), and or compressing the curves (height), and or twisting the curves (width).

Although curves are always changing, depending on position of body during any movement. This formula can be applied with unlimited variations. Such as in this illustration, the right knee can not only be manipulated with elongating, but also by compressing or twisting it, provided the timing is right, and the angle to attain favorable results is executed. Through practice it can become almost second nature to manipulate the body, and a level of spontaneity can be obtained in a relatively short amount of time.

Customized Teaching Glyphs

Paxtial Arts will train teachers by the use of custom glyphs that show real world concepts and images which look like the body movement they represent. These glyphs will be a cue the mind to recall a specific trained kinetic response.  Deep conceptual learning by use of glyphs has been proven throughout the history of mankind to be a powerful tool of learning. Glyphs stress deep understanding of key ideas and place a greater emphasis on depth over breadth in the learning process. The use of glyphs in our teaching process will make it possible to facilitate our students in their quest for heightened awareness, knowledge, skills, and understanding of human kinetic power at a higher level. 

Immersion of Topic

Our research suggests that immersion is the most effective way to learn the Paxtial Arts formula. Jean Piaget, a developmental psychologist, had a theory that stated, “when a child faces an idea that does not fit their understanding, it becomes a catalyst for new thinking.” We understand that the Paxtial Arts is “new thinking.” Therefore, we agree with Colin Baker, of Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, and his more than 1,000 studies on immersion education as the most effective way to learn a new way of thinking. Early immersion students are more successful in listening and learning proficiency than partial immersion students. That being said, our recommendation is to just fully jump in and take the two-day, weekend immersion workshop and become fully immersed in the Paxtial way of thinking; otherwise it can take a year or more to take root in its effectiveness and students will lag behind by up to a year compared to the immersion students.

Future Peace Ambassadors

The Greek philosopher, Socrates stated that contrast is food to contrast, because everything craves its opposite and not its like. 
For instance:

                      The dry craves moist

                      the cold craves heat

                      the bitter craves sweet

                      the sharp craves blunt

                      the empty crave fulness

                      the full craves emptiness….

                      and all other things in the same way.

The law of opposites is an absolute, and there is an opposite in all things, as is reflected in the Yin Yang symbol. This is an easy principle for us at Paxtial arts to understand. It makes sense to teach children to understand both sides of conflict resolution. The Paxtial Arts skill set, along with the Martial Arts skill set must work hand in hand in order to have a completely balanced whole. 

To find balance, the peaceful answer must be considered with an equal measure to the mindset of war. 

They say it takes an avocado tree 7 years to bare its first fruit.  This is the 3rd year of teaching the Paxtial Arts and the seeds of peace that we plant today, we believe will begin to bear fruit in our children and grandchildren’s lives.

Paxtial Arts Level One Certificate

The certifcate awared at Level One completion. This certificate was designed by the founder of the Paxtial Arts movement. It was designed using the word "peace" in every ;aunguage that the word can be translted from. It also includes most symbols used for peace over history.