The Faces of Paxtial Artists

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The following videos show individuals who were taught Level One in the Paxtial formula.  These trainings contain responses to physical conflict in a simulation of real life interaction.  During the workshop the student is taught a series of mental and physical antidotes for learning how to interact with other bodies in a spontaneous free-flow interaction.  When trained instructors who are already masters of motion employ and explore this paxtial formula of study, the results are enough to impress the most committed skeptic.  Our trainings stress that a gentle calm must be maintained in order to tune in to the subtle intricacies of all kinetic motion around them.  We teach about the precise window of timing with which one must deliver a response to a physical threat.  We train our students how to collapse or manipulate an opponent’s physical structure with the softest touch possible.  It is an essential component of our philosophy that our certified Paxtial Artists preserve a tranquility and a calm within themselves in order to counterbalance and diffuse the situation when someone is posturing aggressively toward them.  A Paxtial Artist is taught to never hurt, strike, or constrain in any way.

In order to certify at Level One you must video yourself in a 3 minute challenge by taking on a minimum of 3 attackers.  Rather than having a piece of paper that says you are certified, the 3 minute video will serve as your certification.  To support the evolution of each student we encourage them to re-submit a 3 minute video any time you would like to document and show your evolutionary process. 

The following is a collection of 3 minute certification videos.  Be mindful that these certification videos were recorded after only two days of training in the Paxtial formula.  The importance of problem solving is emphasized when a free flow of motion is employed and directed at them in an unscripted, and organic manner.

We are not concerned with how fast a student moves at Level One, as it is more important to observe the practical application of the formula.  The discovery of the Paxtial formula is still in its embryonic state and we are excited to imagine the possibilities of what the body is capable of doing, as masters of motion add their voices, intellect, passion, and skills of kinetic motion to the discussion of a new and revolutionary craft. 

In the videos at the bottom, we can see the difference when this formula is demonstrated by an individual that has been doing this type of movement for over 12 years. His name is Frank Fileti.  See below:


His Experiences

A compilation of some of the men that have taken the workshop.

Her Experiences

A compilation of some of the women that have taken the workshop.

Fresno Free-flow


after two days of training.

Winfield Chavez


Michelle Kaios


Teddy Delaney


Frank Fileti

Advanced Paxtial movement 1

Frank Fileti

Advanced Paxtial movement 2


Frank Fileti

Advanced Paxtial movement 3