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How do I get Involved?


Paxtial Arts is eager to "Paxtialize the Planet”, first by raising awareness to the legal self-defense climate of our current culture, and then by igniting a conversation with those who are seeking for a more peaceful option to the punch, choke, hit solution commonly used in Martial Arts and self-defense programs aimed at solving physical confrontation, or violence based issues. We are passionate about lowering the temperature of the violent culture which besets us all in our homes, our schools, our towns, our cities, and on our planet.









How can I get involved? One of the obvious ways that you can help grow the Paxtial Arts is to make a donation. Donations will go straight to helping our field operations around the world.  Making a donation is an easy process and you can give whatever amount you want - it all helps.  To find out more, click on the donate link below.









Spread the Word:


Paxtial Solutions is eager to sew seeds of peace in individuals who will then subsequently plant tranquil solutions for their homes, schools, local communities, in order to “Paxtialize the Planet!"Communities 







Host and Organize an Event:


Another way you can get involved is to play a more direct role, such as _______________ there are several ways in which you can get involved. We welcome volunteers...

Would you like to support the Paxtial Arts special events or help spread the word about the Paxtial Formula? Do you know of other people who might like to join us? There are many ways that you can contribute and participate. Here are some ideas:
• Ask a teacher to dedicate time to discuss safety and physical confrontation issues in a classroom.
• Host a Paxtial Formula training 
• Organize a discussion at your home, school, or community centre on Paxtial Formula Solution ideas. What can individuals/communities do to help?







Take the Training:


Sign up for one of three trainings offered.


Introduction Seminar to the Paxtial Arts







Paxtial Formula Immersion Workshop








Paxtial Arts Instructors Course








Paxtial Arts Volunteers:


The Paxtial Arts promotes voluntary service to support peaceful developments local, national, or global. We are inspired by the conviction of exceptional lives like Mother Teresa when she stated, 
“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”
At Paxtial Arts, we celebrate the power of “one drop."

Each Paxtial Arts volunteer can speed up the development of peace in their surrounding cultures, as their passion for peace will spread one heart at a time…

Other ways to support and grow the Paxtial Formula Solution include: 
holding awareness and fund-raising events in your communities. 
Mark your calendar and keep up to date on our activities. 
We encourage anyone interested in us to join the online dialogue in an online forum or popular social networking sites about our cause to provide peaceful options to the .

(go to register to be a Volunteer. 
For information about how to become an online volunteer and about the Online Volunteering service, visit the Online Volunteering service website.)  





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