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I didn't chose Kenpo.....Kenpo chose me💕 As part of our families #xtreme2016 year my boys begged for karate. As I came to their first class I entered the room and instantly connected with my instructor and now husband Herb PADIGIMUS 5th degree black belt in Ed Parker's IKKA - 8th degree black in Paul Mills AKKI. In my meditational prayers that night I knew this was large part of my life's mission. We currently teach and run a studio Ultimate Impact American Kenpo Karate in Blackfoot and Pocatello Idaho. We have a future Lava hotsprings Kenpo retreat and podcasting for principles in the works. Come see us anytime when you can. We strive to create Unity among all people and become peaceful warriors just like Ed and Bear Parker are diligently adding a to our knowledge with Paxils Arts. Mother of 6 amazing children and 5 spouses so far. 16 special grandchildren. I plan to live to be over 100 with most of you and I love all creation. Gardening, cooking, and hiking are my favorite hobbies. I love the beautiful pathway we are on with Martial Arts and Paxial arts. Truly a ying and Yang!


Peace Keeper

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