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To understand the Paxtial Arts System you must learn the the Philosophy of the training. This course contains twelve subsections of Study in this Course contain: 1. Spectrum covers the full gambit of the overall system. 2. Vision, is how we see the system within the culture. 3. Psychology, focuses on the effects of the system within the mind and body sed upon touch. 4. Art, delves into how the arts are used to speed up the learning curve substantially. 5. Diagrams, help to outline the use of diagrams to also enhance the learning process. 6. GUI’s, defines the usage of the graphic user interface to access and retain the system. 7. Balance is a crucial element to learn and understand application of the art. 8. Movement focuses on how the body is to move and interact with opponents, 9. Position of the body is also of paramount importance. 10. Collapse will give the learner a base understanding of the anatomical structure of the removal of structural integrity. 11. Methodology explains the mindset of the paxtial arts. 12. Formula will show the importance of mathematics and the application within the system.

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